What is the Convention about?

The National Convention Against Fees & Cuts is being organised by UCL Students for Free Education, with support from students across the country. It aims to provide an opportunity to bring together free education and anti-cuts campaigns from universities and colleges across the country including students’ unions, political groups and trade unions active on the issue.

The convention aims to strengthen and broaden the campaigns against cuts, and for free education. Like fees, cuts are a national issue. The cuts taking place on each campus are part of a national picture, with 6,000 jobs at 45 campuses under threat. With this and the threat of increased fees after the election, students need to organise a national, political voice against cuts and fees.

Especially during a recession, both students and workers need to organise against cuts and closures – departments face closure on campuses across the UK and thousands of public sector jobs both inside and outside of education are set to go. We need to share our skills and information if we are to defend high quality education and job security for the workers we rely on.

The convention is open to all, whether they are official representatives of a students’ union or similar organisations, or whether they are just individual students or workers. In order for the convention to be effective UCL Students for Free Education want as many people to be involved as possible. See if your union will organise or subsidise transport.

Sussex and UCL students’ unions have declared support for the convention. See if you can get your union to pass a motion in support of the convention too, and commit to sending representatives.


ucl.free.education@gmail.com 07964 791 663



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