Report – London Organising meeting 7/01/10

Save LMU

Update on first London planning meeting

The first London organizational meeting took place on the 7th January, in a room of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), in Central London.

Present were representatives from University College London (UCL), Kings College London, University of the Arts London (UAL), University of East Anglia (UEA) and SOAS, along with members of Another Education is Possible (AEiP) and Education Not for Sale (ENS).

After brief campus reports and an introduction to what the NCAFC is all about, the table discussed the following points of action:

* Mobilization
* Communications & Press
* NCAFC Agenda
* Logistics


Flyering was the primary concern, as there are a few thousand printed flyers ready to give out.
Besides the many London institutes, there are many more outside London where the word needs to spread. Hardcopies are being posted and a PDF version is available to download on or otherwise available via email contact.

Secondly, it is important to get the support of as many student unions and official bodies as possible. There should soon be a Model Motion doing the rounds (via email) for everyone to support. Importantly, as well, is to keep a tally of who is already supporting the motion (e.g.: SOAS, UCL, USSU, Hull University Union).

The table agreed that good opportunities to advertise the NCAFC would be parallel demos and movements, such as University and College Union (UCU) protest on the 26th of January at Parliament Square and the Gaza remembrance events at UCL and Goldsmiths. Similarly events organized by AEiP and ENS would be good outlets to spread the word.

Communications & Press

There was a quick brainstorming of the things to do concerning press and comms. Subsequently there is now a Twitter page here: and Facebook events are being created for each planning meeting.

The Press and Media department has been taken up by Joana from Oppose LCC Course Redundancies. If you’d like to help out drop her a line on

It is also necessary for more movements and student unions to send over quick updates on what is the situation over at their universities and colleges. If you have some information, please contact us on

NCAFC Agenda

Some ideas were bounce on what the convention’s agenda should look like. So far there have been a few points most seemed to agree on:

There should be an open and a closing plenary, for all convention members to discuss the present situation of Higher and Further Education. The rest of the day should be filled with workshops or discussion groups under topics and sub-topics. Contents and timelines still to be agreed.

There have been a few names discussed as possible table speakers, among them UCU Tower Hamlets reps. There was a heated discussion on what the outcomes of the Convention should be, but, despite some diverging views on the end results, everyone seemed to agree that to create a network between student movements is crucial in a political atmosphere like the current one.


Last but not least the more prosaic details of the Convention were on the table. From lunch to places to stay overnight, crèche and transportation. All to be further discussed on future meetings.

The meeting was closed with the setting of a series of weekly meetings. The next to take place this Wednesday, 13th January, at 7pm at SOAS.

For more information contact us on:

079 647 91 663


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