South Coast planning meeting – 10/01/10

South Coast Planning Meeting NCAFC

The South Coast Planning Meeting took place this Sunday, 10th January in Brighton and counted with the presence of mostly University of Sussex students, as well as London-based NCAFC members.

After a short update of what had been done so far and what is the situation over at Sussex U. a list of short term regional action was compiled.

Students from the south coast should start networking for the mobilization of students and workers, the spreading of information about the Convention on the 6th of Feb and pressure local and university authorities before as well as after the Convention to support and sign possible motions or statements.

The agenda of the NCAFC was, once again, discussed. What we should discuss, what we should aim for and what the results should be. Some suggestions were: a demonstration in central London and national waves of direct action, such as occupations around February or March.

From trivial matters such as transport facilities and funding to the advertising of NCAFC’s Facebook Group and Twitter account – there several students present started delegating and organizing for a more efficient development of work.

The importance of the involvement of key students and regional public figures was stressed several times along the meeting, which took some students to take up the task of talking to particular people about NCAFC.

It was equally important to remember that on the weeks running to the Convention, many helping hands would be needed and that meeting in London would be vital, specially on the couple of days prior to the 6th of Feb.

The USSU (represented in the meeting by its President Tom Wills) offered to provide transport from the South to the Convention on the 6th and the possibility for a few people to get subsidized transport to London for prep-meetings.

The next South Coast meeting was planned for the weekend between the 29th and the 31st of January, possibly once again in Brighton.

For more information on this region’s actions and how to take part, please contact:

or give us a call on the

077 757 63 750


One response to “South Coast planning meeting – 10/01/10

  1. The South Coast Planning meeting won’r take place on the 30th as that’s the date of the ‘Right to Work’ conference in Manchester. So the most likely dates are the 29th or the 31st.

    Email if you have a preference as to the date of the meeting.

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