Support from Queen Mary’s Student Union!

Passed by majority vote at QMSU Student Council, 26/01/10

This Union Notes:
1) That the government review of top-up fees is underway, and Lord Mandelson has announced £500,000,000 cuts to Higher Education (according to the Guardian).
2) That in February there will be a National Convention Against Fees & Cuts, currently supported by Reading, SOAS, Sussex and UCL students’ unions and NUS LGBT.
3) That this convention is intended to provide students and their unions with the information and practical skills required to fight fees and cuts.
4) QMSU recently made policy at a democratic EGM to adopt an anti-fees policy, and support endeavours to oppose fees.

This Union Believes:
1) That fees and cuts will be damaging both to students’ educations and staff job security, etc.
2) That this convention will put students in a stronger position to resist fee increases, course closures, cutbacks in welfare services, etc.
3) That we should therefore promote the event and facilitate student involvement.

This Union Resolves:
1) To officially support the National Convention Against Fees & Cuts, and to publish a short statement of our support on the union’s homepage.
2) To advertise the convention via means such as email, the website, and posters, and any other practical media. Such advertisement shall include a time and place for those attending to assemble, so that they can travel together and take advantage of group ticket discounts, etc.
3) To encourage members of Council and the Executive to attend.


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