RIGHT TO WORK officially endorses the Convention

This weekend, as many as a thousand Trade Union, student and unemployed activists from all over the UK descended on Manchester for the second Right to Work conference. It was the largest gathering of its kind for as long as many attendees could remember. The session on education cuts drew some of the biggest crowds, and the conference was supported nationally by the UCU along with PCS, CWU, RMT, NUJ and NUT unions, Stop the War Coalition and Unite Against Fascism. The National Union of Students was conspicuous in its absence, but real student activists were there in numbers.

In all of the sessions relating to defending education against cuts, speakers repeatedly raised the need for national co-ordination. During the final session, the amendment ‘to support the National Convention Against Fees and Cuts’ was accepted without objection, and the conference voted overwhelmingly to pass its Statement of Intent. This can be viewed (in its original form without the amendment) here: http://sites.google.com/site/righttoworkconference/home/conference-2010

All of this bodes well for the National Convention, which is now under a week away. Email ucl.free.education@gmail.com for more information.

See the homepage of the Right to Work Conference here: http://sites.google.com/site/righttoworkconference/home


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