Timetable for the Day

National Convention Against Fees and Cuts


10.30am- Registration

11- 1145am- Opening Plenary Session

NB: The room for the conference is the Jeremy Bentham Room, which is directly under the main dome of UCL. Use the main entrance on Gower Street.

With contributions from Joana Pinto (UAL), Tali Janner-Klausner (School Students Union), UCU representative followed by discussion from the floor.

1150- 1250pm- Workshop Session 1

== Busting Myths; Fighting Cuts- An Introduction== Room: Cruciform B.09

==The Bologna process and the International student movement== Room: Pearson G.23

==NUS and Student Unions== Room: Cruciform B.01

== The role of Liberation Campaigns == Room: Pearson G.17

1250- 140- Lunch in the main room

Provided by SOAS Detainee Support group.

140- 240pm – Regional Workshops

The North (Pearson G23) / The South (Pearson G17)  / London (Cruciform B01) / School & FE Students (Cruciform B09)

(space is available for other regions if necessary)

250-350- Workshop Session 2

== Occupation is a Right!== Room: Pearson G.17

== Welfare Cuts and how to fight them == Room: Pearson G.23

==What sort of Education do we want?== Room: Cruciform B.01

== Working with Trade Unions on and off campus== Cruciform B.09

4- 530pm- Closing Plenary Session

Workshops will feed back with proposals for future events and co-ordination. This will be followed by an action planning session, the most important session of the day.


Drink and chatter will commence after the closing session in the Grafton Arms, Grafton Way.

Want to make a night of it? Crash space is available- ask at the registration desk.


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