Support from Oxford University Students’ Union

    Oxford University Anti-Cuts Campaign
    Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) has passed a motion to support the National Convention through publicity and to send a delegation from the OUSU executive:
    Council resolves:
    1. To send a delegation to the National Convention Against Fees & Cuts, to publish a link to the Convention blog and regular updates on the national campaign against cuts on the union’s homepage and facebook page.
    2. To advertise the convention and its blog via means such as the weekly bulletin, the website, the facebook page, twitter, posters on lecture sites and in colleges, and any other practical media. Such advertisement shall include a time and place for those attending to assemble, so that they can travel together and take advantage of group ticket discounts.
    3. To arrange for members of Council and the Executive to attend.
    Government funding cuts in education will be extremely damaging to our tutorial system and encourage the university to continue to campaign for raising the cap on top-up fees. The Oxford University Chancellor, Chris Patten, has already publically commended raising the cap.
    This is a campaign for all students, party-affiliated or otherwise, who are angry about the government cuts potential effect on their education and want to do something about it.
    We intend to build a campaign which links university staff, students, and the wider Oxford community, and to ultimately prevent the university from imposing compulsory redundancies, course closures, or funding cuts to our welfare and access departments. In short, we intend to defend those areas of staff and student life which are most essential and benefit students as a whole. There is no excuse for cutting these services when executive members of staff are obscenely over-paid.
    We want to ensure that all students and staff are fully informed about the timing and extent of cuts and redundancies – we intend to work closely with the UCU to achieve this – and to put pressure upon the university in the right places at the right times to protect staff and student interests, be that through lobbying or direct action if necessary.
    We don’t want to turn our universities into areas for market competition, students should not be treated like consumers, and we demand equal access to good quality education that values learning for its own sake.


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