Just two days after the National Convention Against Fees and Cuts, Sussex University students have gone into occupation against cuts and marketisation on their campus.

On 6th of February the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts voted almost unanimously to support student occupations. Throughout the history of the student movement, occupations have played a pivotal role, and have proven that they can win. Sussex’s occupation is a clarion call to students everywhere, and may prove to be the tip of the iceberg as our education is attacked by government and management.

Below is a statement from one of the occupiers. Contact againstfeesandcuts [at] for more information.


Find the demands of sussex stop the cuts at

Sussex university students have occupied the Conference Centre in Bramber house to oppose budget cuts and cuts to teaching and services. (check out the blog for figures)

There was a demonstration outside the management offices of the uni today, and 100 people spontaneously walked across campus and occupied the conference centre of the university. Security refused to let anyone else in once the students had barricaded the doors with furniture. The police turned up after about 20 mins in two riot vans, and assisted the security to lock down the whole building.

A demonstration has been called for midday tomorrow outside Bramber house on Sussex Campus. Come down to show your support.

We will fight Mandleson’s cuts, we will fight rises in tuition fees and we will fight all cuts to public services. We won’t pay for their crisis!


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