Sussex occupation over – for now

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The occupiers left the conference centre at 7pm this evening, greeted by a crowd of over 100 cheering supporters.
The occupation proved its power this afternoon – we called a 200-strong demonstration, which stormed Bramber house and entered the occupation. The occupiers left in a position of enormous strength, promising more action and a continued campaign.

The 29-hour flash occupation has demonstrated to management that this campaign is capable of taking militant action in support of staff fighting against cuts and job losses, and that we are capable of mobilising huge numbers at incredibly short notice to support actions.
The campaign continues!

Upcoming events –
TOMORROW Wednesday Feb 10th, 4.30pm, Chichester 1
School of English Consultation with management – come down to demand honest answers, details, and stop management pulling the wool over our eyes!
Thursday Feb 11th – 5pm, Falmer Common Room
Organising meeting – come and contribute your views and energy to the future direction of the campaign.
Monday Feb 15th, 3pm, Silverstone 121
Consultations between the registrar and student reps – All student reps are encouraged to attend, Stop The Cuts will protesting outside at the ridiculous plans that management have for the student advice service.
Saturday March 6th, Midday, The Level – March For Jobs


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