Following its first steering meeting The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is calling for a wave of action to defend education from March 1st. We need a mass, national response to the dire and shameful situation of education and public sector cutbacks, under the banner of:
– Stop the cuts
– End fees
– Tax the rich to fund education

Reports are flooding in from all over the country of actions already planned to take place: in UCL, a fortnight of campaigning will be culminating in a demo on March 3rd; similar situations are expected to arise on dozens of campuses across the country, from UEA to Westminster to Sussex to Newcastle.

In Leeds, the 2nd and 4th March will see the second and third days of strike action by the UCU, and Leeds students will be out in force to support their lecturers and workers.

No campus (in HE, FE or High School) should be left untouched. Plan YOUR action, and don’t forget to report it to againstfeesandcuts@gmail.com


2 responses to “WAVE OF ACTION TO DEFEND EDUCATION from March 1st

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