Sussex Occupiers Suspended! Help needed urgently!

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This from the blog:


Following the non-violent protest and occupation of Sussex House on Wednesday 3rd March and the violent repression of students on campus by scores of riot police armed with attack dogs, batons and pepper-spray, the management of the University of Sussex have taken further regrettable action directly against the students of the University.

As of 3:30pm on Friday 5th March, the Stop the cuts campaign has been made aware of at least 4 notices of suspension for students involved in the occupation of Wednesday 3rd March. These suspensions come directly from the Vice Chancellor Michael Farthing without recourse to any disciplinary process, effective immediately. The terms of the suspensions specify that students will not be allowed to attend lectures or be on University property for a minimum of 30 working days. In addition, students have also been threatened with expulsion.

High Court Injunction:

Furthermore, University management have been granted a High Court Injunction prohibiting “protest action (without the consent of the University of Sussex).” This injunction can be interpreted as meaning that further protest action could be considered a criminal offence.

The witness statement on the injunction provided by Registrar and Secretary John Duffy contained false information claiming that students were holding staff “hostage,” which was refuted to police at the scene. Staff within the building were given leaflets explaining why the occupation was happening and were allowed to leave safely.

As staff were leaving the building, the head of Sussex security, Roger Morgan, stopped senior managers and some other staff, including John Duffy, from exiting and herded them into an office in the VCEG corridor, which was then locked. Roger Morgan and John Duffy presented this to the police as a kind of hostage situation, requesting a police escort out of the building despite the occupiers guaranteeing the safe exit of all staff inside.

More information:

Don't let Vice Chancellors victimise students - it could be your campus next


5 responses to “Sussex Occupiers Suspended! Help needed urgently!

  1. The actions of Michael Farthing are completely unjustifiable. British universities have a long and proud history of student activism. Attempting to suppress this using suspensions and other intimidatory actions is a travesty of justice and should be condemned in the most explicit terms possible.
    -Franck, LSE

  2. There is a model motion for students unions, campaign groups and trade union branches on the Education Activist Network website

  3. Pouya Baradaran

    I suppport the students and staff who are fighting against the job cuts at sussex university and all of the other universities in the UK and all across the world, keep up the good fight you are all doing a great job, i myself was involved in the protests against the job cuts here in London at the university of westminster and the management of the university who are all cowards got so scared that they called the police to protect them and called their henchmen (security guards) to intimidate the protesters and not let any of them in to the university, well i say they are all cowards and know what hit them and they know that there is more to come and calling the police and all the security guards is not gonna stop us because we are united and stand for a free and fair education without the fear of jobcuts, all the students around the world must unite and smash this greedy selfish capitalist state

  4. Stay strong. Solidarity comrades!

  5. good luck and fight hard!

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