National Campaign calls for action this week!

In the week 13th-20th March – take action to support the strikes at Leeds and Sussex and in support of the Sussex 6!

At the London and Southern Regional Meeting on Wednesday, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts decided to issue a call for further action to support the strikes at Leeds and Sussex Universities on the 17th and 18th, and to support the calls for the re-instatement of the 6 Sussex students who have been suspended for their part in the occupation of Sussex House.

Things you can do  –

  • Hand out leaflets on your campus telling students about the strikes and the Sussex 6 – the Campaign will be producing some bulletins soon
  • Take a collection of money for the strike funds at Sussex and Leeds – or for the fighting fund for the union on your campus
  • Take photographs of students and staff on your campus holding signs saying “I occupied Sussex House”
  • Organise rallies, marches, sit-ins and other forms of protest in support of staff and against fees and cuts
  • Come to the UCU demonstration against cuts in London on the 20th of March –
  • Get a motion passed in your union supporting the strikes and the national campaign, and opposing the suspensions of the Sussex 6

Students at Sussex are continuing to occupy a lecture theatre in protest of the suspension of 6 students.  Today Sussex staff publicly defied a court injunction to come to the occupation and show their support for students. Sussex management are on the verge of being forced to make a humiliating climbdown and re-instate the 6. Staff at Leeds and Sussex will be going out on strike against cuts this week, and unions at many other campuses are balloting for action. We need to seize the moments and apply as much pressure as we can nationally to Vice Chancellors, Peter Mandelson and the government.

Take action this week! Support the strikes and the Sussex 6! Come to the demonstration on the 20th of March!

Make like these people. Go on, get out there


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