Southampton cuts protest

Thanks to Socialist Students

Save sports studies!

Students and staff at the University of Southampton staged a protest on 25 March against the planned closure of several courses. The entirety of the Sports Studies department was to be axed, along with several foundation degrees in the School of Education.

Andrew Howe, Southampton Socialist Students

Students involved in the Southampton Students Against Cuts campaign stood alongside university staff in the University and Colleges Union (UCU) and students from the affected courses in protest outside the meeting that was to make the final decision.

In the end the decision was made to go through with the closures. University management insisted that the decision was not financially motivated but was made to “ensure a positive fit with [their] strategic direction” in regards to placing greater emphasis on money-making research than on teaching, the worth of which is invaluable.

Both the Southampton Students Against Cuts campaign and Southampton Socialist Students have condemned the closures and will continue to campaign against all cuts and closures.

Students and young people do not have to accept the status quo. All three main parties advocate cuts in higher education funding. A socialist alternative is needed that ensures the right of free education for all and that protects the right of study in all subject areas, not just those that are considered the most profitable.


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