Lambeth UNISON branch official support

Please read below the official communication sent today to NCAFC members and general public:

Hi Comrades,

Lambeth UNISON has voted to affiliate to the National Campaign against Fees and Cuts and work with NCAFC to fight for workers and students against government attacks on education. Lambeth UNSON represents support workers at Lambeth College, who are fighting alongside brothers and sisters in the UCU against a huge plan of job and course cuts.

We would like to work with you to launch a student and worker campaign at the college and discuss how we can build solidarity for other universities and colleges. Some of the ideas for joint work are listed below but we would welcome ideas for other initiatives.

  • Joint meetings at Lambeth College
  • Producing joint propaganda against fees and cuts
  • Contacting other trade union branches to encourage
    them to affiliate to NCAFC and fight together in colleges
    and universities

In Solidarity,

Ruth Cashman

Steward, West Norwood Library & Assistant Branch Secretary


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