Defend Simon Hardy: protest 1pm, Friday 7 May

Westminster Uni anti-cuts activist Simon Hardy is being disciplined for his part in the recent anti-cuts occupation.

Join the protest: 1pm, Friday 7 May, University of Westminster Regent Street campus

Facebook event here.

More details from Westminster activists below…


We’ve just had some shocking news…

Simon Hardy has suddenly been called into a management meeting on May 7th at Westminster University.

He has been summoned to a “preliminary investigation” tomorrow at Regents at 2pm concerning his “conduct during the occupation”.

He has been accused of trespass and threatening behaviour as well as refusal to follow orders given by a member of staff.

He says: “Anyway would be great to bring as many people as possible to Regents, I know it is in the middle of exams (I have one tomorrow morning so I certainly did not need this!) but if they get one of us then it gives them the green light to persecute us next year.

“Would be good to meet at 1pm somewhere near Regents to plan what to do. I am allowed to take in one other person with me, but we should think about tactics on the day

“Hopefully see you tomorrow!”

This is utterly unacceptable behaviour from management; we need to stop this in its tracks.

We have made amazing ground at Westminster and they clearly want to squash it, stifle us and our message ..

we say… NO FUCKING WAY!@!!

Join us tomorrow…


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