How To’s


Think of the press. It’s is highly important as you want to make as many aware of your cause as possible. Activism can be a fickle matter for many and you will see your supporters’ number fluctuate, so keep the public interested and you’ll save yourself a lot of work in re-mobilizing.

Write a Press Release

– Focus on regional (and/or student) press first (they will be keener to take your story as they are always interested in local activities)

Give out images: you will have 50% higher chances of being featured (True fact! Just make sure you own the copyrights to the pictures you give out)

Follow up! (keep a tally on the members of press you have sent press releases to and ring them up a couple of days later – introduce yourself, ask if they would like some more info, if appropriate invite them for a coffee)

You might want to consider someone to do this job exclusively – it takes a lot of time and energy, but it is vitally important!

How to Write a Press Release

To write a press release is easier than you many think.
These are the golden rules; the rest is up to you and your creativity.


– Try to keep it to an A4 page (nobody will read more than that)

– Make things look clean by writing with a 1,5 spacing and into paragraphs

– Give it an appealing title

– Write “ENDS” centered at the end of the press release

– Put all relevant extra information (e.g.: contact details and links) on the bottom of the page


– First paragraph has to contain the answers to the main questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

– Be factual, be concise

– If applicable (and appropriate) add a quote or two from relevant people

– Make it interesting by telling a story.  Make it punchy!

– If there is nothing else to say – don’t say it! Don’t fill In with fluff.


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